Step 1:

Enter this detail into your woocommerce >>> settings >> advance >> webhooks >>

Delivery Url :
Topic : Order Created
Status : Active
Name : (any name Eg: testing or connecting google sheets)
and then save all the setting.

Step 2:

Go to google APIs.
Create service credentials .
You will get a service mail id and credentials.json save both of them.

Now create a empty Google Sheet.
Share that sheet with the service mail id you recieved just now.

Step 3:

Upload credentials.json file here.

And also Fill Sheet Id (Eg. '')
so your sheet id will be '1P0Q-KidR7asdfasdfaE3dWsPT8tV_nwmN84WyCbgP_Nc4YHA' from this above url.

Step 4: